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Genius Kit Genius Kit Genius Kit Genius Kit
Genius Kit Genius Kit Genius Kit Genius Kit
Genius Kit
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Genius Kit - 182 pieces

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The Genius kit is for those experienced builders who want to occupy themselves designing fun, inspiring, complex creations and and bring them to life using our conductive building blocks, full range of sensors and colorful LEDs.

- 1x battery brick 
- 2x motor brick
- 24x technic conductor brick 1x4
- 16x corner brick 2x2
- 30x conductor brick 1x2
- 6x conductor brick 1x3
- 20x conductor brick 2x2
- 12x plate 1x4
- 6x light brick (white)
- 2x light sensor
- 2x sound sensor
- 3x proximity sensor
- 2x magnet logo brick
- 2x magnet brick 2x2
- 2x brick 8x16
- gear accessories
- 1x pocket screwdriver
- 2x crocodile cables

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