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Brick'R'knowledge Solar Set

Brick'R'knowledge Solar Set
Brick'R'knowledge Solar Set
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The Brick’R’knowledge solar introduces renewable energies in a playful and easy way.

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The Brick'R'knowledge solar set guarantees fun with experiments for the whole family and introduces renewable energies in a playful and easy way. How does a solar cell work? How is it possible that an accumulator stores energy? How can you build a night light with an motion detector? Those questions and many more will be answered with the set. You and your kids will become official members of the Maker Generation using one of the Brick'R'knowledge sets.

- 1x 2-wire 10M
- 2x 5pole clip type 2
- 1x battery brick 9V/12V 2x2
- 1x button
- 1x buzzer
- 1x corner brick connector
- 1x fan
- 1x led highpower
- 1x LED lamp flexible
- 1x LED RGB light brick transparent
- 1x PIR motion detector
- 1x potentiometer 10kOhm
- 1x solar brick
- 1x solar panel
- 1x switch
- 1x transistor P-MOS SPD18PO6P
- 2x USB charging brick
- 1x wire crossing brick
- 1x wire ground
- 1x wire straight connector brick
- 1x wire T-crossing brick

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