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Ohbot V2.0 kit Ohbot V2.0 kit Ohbot V2.0 kit
Ohbot V2.0 kit Ohbot V2.0 kit Ohbot V2.0 kit
Ohbot V2.0 kit
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Ohbot: a robot head to program from your pc

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Ohbot is a robot head that is constructed and programmed by children. It has seven motors to provide a range of realistic movement. Ohbot is provided as a kit and comes with full instructions so that it can be built by children aged 7 and older.
Once the kit is completed, Ohbot is connected to a Windows PC running Ohbot software so that it can be programmed. Ohbot uses a block programming environment based on the Scratch language. This allows children to generate programs quickly and encourages them to experiment and use their imagination.
Ohbot includes text-to-speech technology so that children can program it to say whatever they like. It also includes face recognition so that it can be programmed to react when it sees a child and follow their movement. Ohbot uses a microcontroller board which allow​s for additional sensors to be used.

- Ohbot v2.0 parts
- dual USB cable
- 4 user license for the graphical programming software (requires a PC running Win 7 or later)
- graphical assembly instructions

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