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CR2032 Battery Power Pack
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This xCHIP module houses a single CR2032 coin cell to supply power to other connected xCHIPS.

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The PB02 features an AAT1217 which is a high efficiency, synchronous, fixed frequency, step-up converter designed for battery-powered applications. The high 1.2 MHz switching frequency and completely integrated control circuitry maintains excellent regulation, ripple, and transient response throughout the full load range.

Light load mode operation and low quiescent current allow the AAT1217 to maintain high efficiency performance for light load conditions. With a 1.2A peak inductor current limit, the AAT1217 is capable of delivering 400mA from a single CR2032 coin cell.

- 400 mA output current
- over-current protection
- high efficiency: up to 93% efficiency
- 1.2 MHz fixed switching frequency
- 1.2 A current limit
- light load mode operation

This xCHIP does not have any batteries included.

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