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Micro:bit Inventor's Kit

Micro:bit Inventor's Kit
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Micro:bit Inventor's Kit (Micro:bit not included)

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(Micro:bit not included)

This is the complete inventor's kit for the micro:bit.

- no soldering required - build your first circuit in minutes
- make 10 experiments included in the provided step-by-step tutorial book (English)
- all parts are included to conduct the 10 experiments
- breaks out 21 accessible pins from themicro:bit using the Edge Connector Board
- small Prototype Breadboard included for fast prototyping

All of the experiments included in this booklet (listed below) are based on the Microsoft BlockEditor software.
- experiment 1: say 'hello' to the micro:bit
- experiment 2: using a light sensor & analog inputs
- experiment 3: dimming an LED using a potentiometer
- experiment 4: using a transistor to drive a motor
- experiment 5: using the accelerometer to control motor speed
- experiment 6: setting the tone with a piezo buzzer
- experiment 7: wind power
- experiment 8: making a game using the compass
- experiment 9: capacitor charge circuit
- experiment 10: using an RGB LED

- 1x perspex mounting plate
- 1x potentiometer & finger adjust spindle
- 1x sticky fixer for battery pack
- 1x small prototype breadboard
- 1x terminal connector
- 4x push switch
- 1x motor
- 1x transistor
- 2x red 5mm LED
- 2x orange 5mm LED
- 2x yellow 5mm LED
- 2x green 5mm LED
- 1x RGB 5mm LED
- 1x fan blade
- 5x 2.2K resistor
- 5x 10K resistor
- 5x 47 resistor
- 1x edge connector breakout board
- 10x male to male jumper wires
- 10x male to female jumper wires
- 1x 470uF electrolytic capacitor
- 1x piezo element buzzer
- 2x pan head M3 machine screw
- 1x phototransistor

Works with micro:bit V1 & V2

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